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Pauly D Files for Full Custody of His Daughter


Last week hearts melted when Pauly D described his first visit with his now 6-month old daughter, Amabella.

“I was nervous until I saw her face. When I saw her eyes light up and her arms reach out for me, it was an amazing feeling”, he told Radar Online.

The new dad may be over the moon for his little guidette, but he’s in a bitter custody battle with baby mama Amanda Markert, a 26-year old ex-Hooters waitress. She’s currently studying for a forensics degree in New Jersey.

Pauly is filing for full custody because he believes Markert is using the baby for fame. Markert also has a five-year old son (fathered by another man), whose father is a wanted man in Florida. Pauly doesn’t want his daughter around that, and who can blame him?

Pauly wants to see Amabella as much as he can, but it’s a process his lawyer is handling. Hopefully MTV can get some footage of Amabella playing with her dad’s turntables!

Image via NY Daily News


Kailyn Lowry Gives Birth!


Kailyn Lowry gave birth to a son yesterday, her first child with husband Javi Marroquin. Lincoln Marshall Marroquin made his debut yesterday, and big brother Isaac, 3, couldn’t be more excited.

Kail told Us Weekly she was “exhausted, but we are so excited and surprised by our new baby boy.”

Kail and Javi made it official on September 21 at the Camden Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey. Who thought getting married in front of a shark tank could be classy? Well, these two pulled it off pretty well, even though Kail looked ready to pop.

I’m so excited for Kail and Javi, but I think the birth will definitely stir up jealousy between Kail and her ex-boyfriend, Jo Rivera. The Teen Mom 2 stars still have feelings for each other. Kail whined that Isaac will never know what a real family is like, so hopefully the new addition will solve that?

Congrats again to Kail and Javi, and I hope those Teen Mom 2 cameras are rolling!

Image via Us Weekly

Kris Jenner Celebrates 58 Crazy Years of Life


Kris Jenner celebrated her 58th birthday on November 5 surrounded by a cake and cupcakes with her face on them. Her crazy kids took to Instagram and Twitter to share the love for their momager. In honor of the Kardashian matriarch’s milestone, here’s 5 things we can expect from Kris Jenner next year: Unknown-1

1. More selfies with North: It’s no secret Kris loves selfies, but a selfie with her second granddaugher is even better. Kris snapped a pic of little Nori’s hand a few days ago, making hearts burst everywhere. Here’s to more glimpses of Nori and grandma Kris in the near future!

2. More outlandish business ventures: The Kardashian sisters are on everything from tanning oil to vitamins, and they recently launched a line of beauty products. Who knows what they will reveal next! One thing’s for sure-Momager Kris will peddle it somewhere.

3. Clubbing with Lord Disick: Kris and Scott came to a truce, and their relationship is better than ever. It’s no secret that Disick prefers to ply Kris with alcohol to keep her in line, but they do enjoy spending time together. I’m sure the Lord will Vine their next wine bar experience.

4. Spending more time with Diddy: Kris has been seen with many of her male friends since her split with Bruce. One of her favorite friends is Diddy. Both wield a lot of influence in the entertainment industry, so it only makes sense they bounce ideas off each other. Maybe Diddy and Kris will collaborate on a Ciroc commercial? Only time will tell… Unknown

5. Make her own wine: Kris loves wine and claims she can’t live without it. It’s time to take a step back from her daughter’s products and brand something for herself. Her show was a flop, so hopefully the wine will taste better.

Excited for tonight’s season finale!

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Kendall Jenner Turns 18: What We Can Expect


Bruce and Kris Jenner’s first child together is now 18. Good grief! It seems like just yesterday we were watching her run around the house with no eyeliner and unstraightened hair. Oh, the good ol’ days.

In honor of her 18th birthday, here are 5 things we can expect now that the leggy brunette is an adult:

1. More Great Dane Instagrams: Brother Rob Kardashian gave her a Great Dane puppy as an early birthday gift. So generous, Rob! The puppy’s name is Blu, btw.

2. More adventures with Brandon and Brody: It’s no secret that Kendall isn’t a typical glam Kardashian and wants to branch out from her career-obsessed sisters. Kendall loves being outdoorsy with her half-brothers, Brandon and Brody. Remember the ATV excursion in Greece? I’m sure we’ll read about Kendall and Brody cliff-jumping somewhere. You go, girl!

3. Modeling, like a boss: Kendall Jenner has legs for days. Let’s face it-the girl’s got goods, and she’s gonna show them off. She recently posed for Agua Bendita’s 2014 bikini collection and went TOPLESS. I wish I was that bold at 18.

4. Clubbing with her sisters: Kendall came under fire after reports surfaced of Kendall and Kylie clubbing at Vignette. Big sister Khloe and Lord Disick were also in attendance. The Jenner sisters had fake ids and thought they were attending an after party following LA Fashion Week shows. I know they’ll be pulling out their fakes again because YOLO.

5. Having her own place: It’s clear that Kendall feels suffocated in the Kardashian mansion, probably even more so since Kimye and North West moved in four months ago. Kris flipped when Kendall mentioned moving out, so hopefully she’s more open to the idea. If all else fails, she can shack up in Bruce’s Malibu beach house. Oceanfront views are okay I guess.

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Are Khloe and Lamar Unbreakable?

AXE Music "One Night Only" Concert Series Featuring Weezer

Apparently Khloe and Lamar are back together. The estranged couple made headlines again this week when Lamar Odom told Us Weekly that he and Khloe were “wonderful” and “unbreakable.” He’s still wearing his wedding ring.

After months of living separate lives, Khloe has decided to give strung-out Lamar another chance. He isn’t living in their California home. Lamar says he’s newly sober, but I’m not so sure. Old habits die hard, and time will tell if Lamar stays true to his word, or falls off the deep end again.

Khloe and Lamar were seen together on October 28 at Kanye West’s show at the Staples center. The couple looked to be in good spirits, and Odom bonded with momager Kris Jenner.

it appears that Yeezus played a role in the Khlomar reunion. According to Hollywood Life, West asked Odom to “come out” and be with Khloe. They flirted just like they used to, but Lamar knows he has a long road ahead of him to gain Khloe’s trust again. Baby steps are a good thing!

Khloe still loves Lamar, and I hope they can make this work. Maybe they are unbreakable after all.

Image via Eurweb