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Rob Kardashian Has a Playdate With North West

North West spent some time with uncle Rob Kardashian before jetting off to NYC to support daddy Kanye West at the presentation of Yeezy Season 3 at Madison Square Garden.

Rob has been on a posting spree lately, and this is definitely his cutest post to date. Little Nori is growing up right before our eyes, clad in an oversize t shirt and a pair of Vans sneakers. Because when Kim and Kanye are your parents, your fashion game has to be on point.

No word if North will be front row at the Garden tonight, but fingers are crossed!


The #KUWTK Season 10 Trailer Is Here!

This season will be full of classic Kardashian drama. We’ll get to see Kendall’s blossoming model career, the aftermath of Kris and Bruce’s divorce, and Kimye trying for another baby. If only we could see North giving some side eye.

And of course, what’s a season of #KUWTK without Kourtney and Scott arguing about his partying? Lord Disick never turns down.

FINALLY, Bruce will address his transition from male to female.

Everything goes down Sunday, March 15 at 9pm on E!

Save the Date for Kimye’s Wedding!


The most outrageous wedding of all time will take place on May 24, 2014 in Paris, France. After a magical engagement in October and tons of speculation on wedding plans, Kim and Kanye have finally set a date. Details haven’t been released yet, but baby North will definitely be the flower girl.

Kim recently opened up about her upcoming big day with Ryan Seacrest, saying, “We’re having a super, super small, intimate wedding.” “As we go along, we’re realizing we want it to be smaller and more intimate than people are imagining and thinking.”

Yeah, ok. The proposal included a 15-carat diamond engagement ring, fireworks, and an orchestra, so there’s probably going to be a huge surprise at the wedding. What if Kim revealed another pregnancy at the reception? WOWZA!

The Kimye Engagement: Part 1

Tonight’s the night! Tune into E! at 9pm for part one of the two part Kimye engagement special. E! has captured all of Kim’s romantic moments, so of course the engagement was filmed. This was one of the most talked about engagements of 2013, and I can’t wait to see the orchestra and all of the excitement of the big event.

Watch the trailer below for Khloe’s awesome prediction skills!

My Kardashian Predictions for 2014


2014 may be Year of the Horse, but this year will definitely be the Year of the Kardashians. The krazy klan had a pretty memorable 2013, with North West’s birth this June and Kimye’s engagement in October. But there were also rough spots, with Bruce and Kris Jenner’s separation and Khloe Kardashian’s divorce from Lamar Odom. A new year brings new beginnings, and it looks like 2014 will be a big year, Kardashian style.

1. Khloe finds love: Khloe is ready for a fresh start this year, telling British Cosmopolitan that she “needs a good fresh start.” She continued, “We can’t fix our mistakes and imperfections, so let’s make that one time perfect.” Khloe also mentioned her 30 pound weight loss. I’m hoping Khloe can find a hot rebounder this year, as long as it’s not a basketball player. 2014 is your year, Khloe!

2. Kimye wedding: Kim and Kanye got engaged in October at the San Francisco Giants ballpark, complete with an orchestra, fireworks, and a Lorraine Schwartz rock. Yeezus is outrageous and is planning for fighter jets at his upcoming nuptials, obviously. The king and queen of over-the-top are reportedly planning a wedding bash at the Palace of Versailles. E! better film this!

3. Rob reveals his weight loss: Rob has been struggling with his weight for the past few seasons of #KUWTK. It’s gotten so serious that Rob couldn’t even attend the family vacation or Kylie’s sweet 16. Talk about self-conscious! He’s been working out (supposedly) for what seems like an eternity. Maybe he’ll reveal his new bod on an Us Weekly cover?

4. Kendall and Kylie take over the world: The leggy Jenner girls are all about modeling. The sisters have a line at PacSun, and Kylie is showing of the latest prom fashion in Seventeen magazine. Kendall Jenner still won’t admit to dating Harry Styles, but we’ll let her keep that secret. I think this will be the year the girls separate themselves from the Kardashian brand in a big way.

5. Bruce Jenner releases a tell-all: He might not, but he really should. This could do serious damage to the Kardashian brand, but it could shed some valuable insight on the wild, early days of Kris Jenner. There’s rumors that the matriarch did ecstasy with O.J. Simpson in Bruce’s presence. So juicy!

Season 9 of #KUWTK premieres January 19 on E!

Kendall Jenner Turns 18: What We Can Expect


Bruce and Kris Jenner’s first child together is now 18. Good grief! It seems like just yesterday we were watching her run around the house with no eyeliner and unstraightened hair. Oh, the good ol’ days.

In honor of her 18th birthday, here are 5 things we can expect now that the leggy brunette is an adult:

1. More Great Dane Instagrams: Brother Rob Kardashian gave her a Great Dane puppy as an early birthday gift. So generous, Rob! The puppy’s name is Blu, btw.

2. More adventures with Brandon and Brody: It’s no secret that Kendall isn’t a typical glam Kardashian and wants to branch out from her career-obsessed sisters. Kendall loves being outdoorsy with her half-brothers, Brandon and Brody. Remember the ATV excursion in Greece? I’m sure we’ll read about Kendall and Brody cliff-jumping somewhere. You go, girl!

3. Modeling, like a boss: Kendall Jenner has legs for days. Let’s face it-the girl’s got goods, and she’s gonna show them off. She recently posed for Agua Bendita’s 2014 bikini collection and went TOPLESS. I wish I was that bold at 18.

4. Clubbing with her sisters: Kendall came under fire after reports surfaced of Kendall and Kylie clubbing at Vignette. Big sister Khloe and Lord Disick were also in attendance. The Jenner sisters had fake ids and thought they were attending an after party following LA Fashion Week shows. I know they’ll be pulling out their fakes again because YOLO.

5. Having her own place: It’s clear that Kendall feels suffocated in the Kardashian mansion, probably even more so since Kimye and North West moved in four months ago. Kris flipped when Kendall mentioned moving out, so hopefully she’s more open to the idea. If all else fails, she can shack up in Bruce’s Malibu beach house. Oceanfront views are okay I guess.

Image via teenidols4you.com