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5 Reasons Why I’ll Miss Khloe and Lamar

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we all know Khloe and Lamar are about to end their relationship. Khloe dropped Odom from her Twitter handle on their fourth wedding anniversary two days ago. In honor of this Sunday’s return of #KUWTK, here are 5 reasons why I’ll miss Khloe and Lamar:


1. Lamar and Rob’s Bromance

Rob may have gained 40 pounds, but that didn’t stop his bromance with Khloe’s beloved Lammy. Rob and Lamar are frequently seen battling it out over the latest Madden game in the living room. Lamar was the brother Rob never had. Without Lamar, what’s gonna happen to Rob? Maybe he’ll make some more socks.

2. No more bubbly Khloe

Khloe was the happiest when she was around Lamar. Who can forget her candy photo shoot? She was hopelessly devoted to her man, even when she moved to the middle of nowhere aka Dallas, Texas. Her cheerful disposition was noticeably absent during the last few episodes of #KUWTK, which can be traced to Lamar’s hidden drug issues. As soon as she ends the marriage, those big smiles will fade into oblivion. Keep your head up, Khlo!

3. No baby

Lamar was furious that the cameras captured Khloe’s fertility issues. It’s no secret that this strained their marriage for awhile, but Khloe was determined to keep trying. Now that her and Lamar are basically over, it looks like she’ll never get that baby she always wanted.

4. Who will Bruce hang out with?

Before Brody and Brandon randomly appeared this season, it was just Bruce and Rob. Bruce has been outnumbered during his marriage to Kris. It ain’t easy living in a house full of Kardashian women, but Lamar was a fellow athlete Bruce related to. Now that Lamar’s gone, it’s just Bruce and his helicopter.

5. The Kris buffer is gone

Being around Kris Jenner for more than 5 minutes is excruciating, just ask Lord Disick. Lamar was a comic relief, saving everyone from Kris’s banter. Focusing on Lamar for even a mere 3 minutes was a lifesaver during the tirade of Kris. Lamar’s absence means more drama and outrageous behavior from Kris.

Khloe and Lamar have separated, and it’s unclear when the marriage will officially end. 4 years is a long Hollywood marriage, but it’s a shame things turned out this way. Who’s next?

Can’t wait for tonight’s episode!

Image via Celebuzz