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Is Bruce Jenner Leaving Keeping Up With The Kardashians?

It wasn’t too long ago that we saw Bruce and Kris Jenner announce their separation on #KUWTK. The kids didn’t support them, Kendall got upset, and Kris said they were better as friends. Awkward!

Bruce made a lot of changes since separating from Kris. Have you seen that ombre hair lately? Let’s not forget he also flattened his Adam’s apple. Sources close to the Kardashians say that if the show is renewed, Bruce will not return for another season.

We haven’t seen much of Bruce during this season, probably because he’s busy flying his helicopters at his Malibu home. When we do see him, things seem strained between him and Kris. He’s sick of being in the spotlight, but Kris won’t let him go.

I would miss Bruce if he left the show, since he’s always good for comic relief, but I understand he’s tired of living in the shadows of the Kardashian women. Now that he’s separated from Kris, he doesn’t need to be a part of her life anymore. I totally support him spending more time with his kids and strengthening his relationship with Brandon and Brody.


The Kimye Engagement: Part 1

Tonight’s the night! Tune into E! at 9pm for part one of the two part Kimye engagement special. E! has captured all of Kim’s romantic moments, so of course the engagement was filmed. This was one of the most talked about engagements of 2013, and I can’t wait to see the orchestra and all of the excitement of the big event.

Watch the trailer below for Khloe’s awesome prediction skills!

Mean Girls Reunion!

rs_600x600-140206044225-600-Lindsay-Lohan-Daniel-Franzese-JR-2614Almost ten years ago, Mean Girls came out and catapulted Lindsay Lohan to stardom. And if you can’t recite the movie word for word, you can’t sit with us. I’m pretty sure Damian still wants his pink shirt back.

Cady and Damian reunited at a Mexican restaurant in NYC on February 5 and it got me so nostalgic for their Mean Girls days.

Just in time for the film’s big anniversary, director Mark Waters gave Vulture the scoop on some little known casting secrets. Lindsay Lohan almost played Regina George. SAY WHAT?!

“When I gave it to her, she was like, ‘I f***ing love Regina George! This is exactly the part I want to play,” he recalled. Things changed when Rachel McAdams read for Regina, however. Rachel was an accomplished actress at the time, but Lindsay was shy around her. To add to the drama, Rachel never spoke to Lindsay during acting, further cementing the tension between the two. It was easy to cast Rachel as Regina after that, according to Waters.

It would be so fetch if the cast got back together for a reunion!

Pauly D Finally Spends Time with Amabella


Forget the clubs — Pauly D is all about staying in!

The Jersey Shore alum is finally spending some time with his baby girl, Amabella. He recently tweeted a sweet picture of his daughter as the two bonded over a tea party. So adorbs!

Amabella is definitely taking after her father in the fashion department. She wore black leggings with matching socks and a furry, pink vest. Even her accessories were fresh to death, sporting a tiny hair clip on her short hair.

Looks like baby mama Amanda Markert is letting the famous dj get some well-deserved quality time with his princess. I’m sure Amanda and Pauly will continue to battle over custody, but I’m glad Pauly is enjoying fatherhood.