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#SocialMags Team Teaching Presentation

On November 12, 2012, the #socialmags group in Dr. Ward’s COM 400 class gave a presentation on social media and how it is changing the magazine industry. Our class used #socialmags and #NewhouseSM4 to live tweet the presentation. Our research for the presentation required a variety of tools, including Hootsuite, Twitter, Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Facebook and LinkedIn Groups, Storify, PearlTrees, Slideshare, Hashtracking and Tweetreach.

#socialmags Google Hangout with DR4WARD

Google played a huge role in preparing for our presentation. We set up Google Alerts to get the latest information on the magazine industry and as a resource to set up interviews with industry experts. We used Google Drive as a place to store all of our information and collaborate with each other, even if we couldn’t meet face to face. A few days before the presentation, we had a great Google Hangout with Dr. Ward. We all agreed that the hangout was better than Skype. As you can see, we got carried away with Google Effects.

We also used Facebook and LinkedIn Groups to exchange information and schedule meeting times before the presentation. In addition to Twitter, Pearltrees was a great way to curate content. I was skeptical at first, but became hooked after seeing how easy it was to gather content this way instead of endless Google searches.

Check out my Pearltree below:

Once we finished putting the presentation together, it was put on Slideshare to increase viewership.

Check out my Storify of the presentation below:

  1. snbouvia
    Watching the #SocialMags presentation!

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:54:49
  2. carlyrsignor
    Now it is #socialmags time to shine! #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:50:31
  3. daniemarieodie
    Can’t wait to learn about #SocialMags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:50:41
  4. funkmastacrump
    And now we’re on to #socialmags. Get pumped.

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:51:47
  5. We began with a discussion of challenges in the magazine industry and how social media is being used to enhance the reader’s experience.
  6. adelynlee
    Challenges for magazines where SM can help: changing audiences, interactions, increasing readership and magazine loyalty #socialmags

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:53:18
  7. BrysanBrown
    Social media keeps discussions around articles alive. #socialmags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:53:16
  8. ndkeehan
    “Social media increases magazine loyalty.” Definitely the case for me and Vanity Fair!! #socialmags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:53:20
  9. A discussion of a study by the Magazine Publishers of America followed.
  10. rachaelgrannell
    Link to the social media study: #socialmags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:53:28
  11. daniemarieodie
    Magazine readers are social #socialmags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:53:34
  12. GSYellin
    69% of people follow a magazine on Twitter #SocialMags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:54:22
  13. The presentation moved to our first Best Practice example: The Knot Magazine.
  14. laurenfabrizi
    @theknot is the industry leader for the wedding industry #SocialMags

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:54:44
  15. ndkeehan
    @TheKnot has a #Klout score of 81! Phew! #socialmags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:55:01
  16. HannahRose41
    “The Knot” uses social media to build brand excitement and foster bridal relationships #socialmags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:55:22
  17. katelynnmoreau
    @theknot uses special chats on twitter (i.e. #FitnessFriday and #TheKnotGala) to boost engagement #SocialMags

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:56:41
  18. averyhartmans
    Bridal Fashion Week exists? That would be so dangerous for me #SocialMags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:57:17
  19. daniemarieodie
    @theknot uses Twitter chats to help their readers with wedding related questions, very smart #socialmags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 11:59:07
  20. snbouvia
    I can see how @theknot could use Pinterest to its advantage. Lots of wedding photos on the site. #SocialMags

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:00:50
  21. Rachael discussed how magazines are using Pinterest.
  22. sarbrandt
    Discussing Pinterest in #SocialMags presentation #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:01:20
  23. GSYellin
    “Pin it to Win it” I see what you did there #SocialMags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:01:55
  24. daniemarieodie
    Pinterest isn’t just a platform for women, Men’s Health and Esquire have very strong Pitnerest presences. #socialmags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:03:10
  25. DR4WARD
    Leaning about @Pinterest from team #socialmags – @rachaelgrannell @lindsaybarton7 @lysmiron @NatManeval #NewhouseS

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:04:56
  26. After the Pinterest discussion, we passed out iPad’s to demonstrate Glamour magazine’s social media presence.
  27. daniemarieodie
    @Glamour has > 5.3 million unique visitors, 1 million are from mobile / iPad devices. #socialmags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:06:03
  28. HannahRose41
    These are souvenirs, right? We get to keep them? #NewhouseSM4 RT @gsyellin: I just got handed an iPad. Thanks #SocialMags

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:07:11
  29. daniemarieodie
    The @Glamour iPad app has links that post articles to your social platforms #socialmags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:08:22
  30. megangriffo
    #SocialMags group just pulled an Oprah and handed out iPads. @glamourmag’s app is great.

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:11:40
  31. DR4WARD
    Glamour iPad Demo RT @acptachi: #SocialMags presentation in #newhousesm4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:12:14
  32. Following the iPad demo, we discussed QR codes and augmented reality, the next big things for the magazine industry.
  33. HannahRose41
    What’s next in the #socialmags industry? Unique QR codes. #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:12:32
  34. sarbrandt
    QR codes – the bridge between digital and print #NewhouseSM4 #SocialMags

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:13:18
  35. GSYellin
    Augmented reality Esquire magazine with Robert Downey Jr. Very Cool #SocialMags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:15:50
  36. HannahRose41
    #socialmags presenting Esquire Magazine’s augmented reality concept. Very cool. A must see. #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:16:24
  37. Our presentation ended with a discussion of where the industry is going and how magazines can continue to use social media to build their brand.
  38. HannahRose41
    Key takeaways from #socialmags: (1) use Pintrest, (2) engage w/ audience, (3) go beyond print, (4) be interactive #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:18:31
  39. funkmastacrump
    “Engagement is a two way street” #SocialMags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:18:55
  40. daniemarieodie
    Magazines are versatile enough to have a strong presence on every platform. #socialmags #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:19:45
  41. Thanks to the support of our classmates, we had a great presentation!
  42. MrJoelRaneri
    Thanks to #SocialMags @lindsaybarton7 @NatManeval @lysmiron and @rachaelgrannell #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:21:05
  43. edaetsch
    Great presentation! #SocialMags

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:21:04
  44. katelynnmoreau
    Thanks, #SocialMags for a great informative and interactive presentation during #NewhouseSM4

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:20:32
  45. sarbrandt
    @rachaelgrannell @lysmiron @NatManeval @lindsaybarton7 Great presentation! Thank you! #NewhouseSM4 #SocialMags

    Mon, Nov 12 2012 12:24:13

After the presentation, we used Hashtracking and TweetReach to see the impressions of the presentation. Check out the reports below:

Hashtracking Report:

Tweetreach Report:

Here are photos from our presentation:

#socialmags presenting

group photo with DR4WARD after a successful presentation!