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Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Glow in a New Selfie

THIS is the definition of family goals. Kim Kardashian took to Instagram aka her favorite social media platform to share a perfect selfie with little sis Kendall Jenner. The ladies are gorgeous in the shot, (no shocker here) with perfectly contoured faces. As if we’d expect anything less from them.

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We’re mesmerized by the crazy-perfect contouring, even though they probably had some help from a makeup artist. And it’s completely obvious that Kendall is a model.

Now if you excuse us, we’ll be in front of our mirrors trying to recreate this look.




Kris Jenner Celebrates 58 Crazy Years of Life


Kris Jenner celebrated her 58th birthday on November 5 surrounded by a cake and cupcakes with her face on them. Her crazy kids took to Instagram and Twitter to share the love for their momager. In honor of the Kardashian matriarch’s milestone, here’s 5 things we can expect from Kris Jenner next year: Unknown-1

1. More selfies with North: It’s no secret Kris loves selfies, but a selfie with her second granddaugher is even better. Kris snapped a pic of little Nori’s hand a few days ago, making hearts burst everywhere. Here’s to more glimpses of Nori and grandma Kris in the near future!

2. More outlandish business ventures: The Kardashian sisters are on everything from tanning oil to vitamins, and they recently launched a line of beauty products. Who knows what they will reveal next! One thing’s for sure-Momager Kris will peddle it somewhere.

3. Clubbing with Lord Disick: Kris and Scott came to a truce, and their relationship is better than ever. It’s no secret that Disick prefers to ply Kris with alcohol to keep her in line, but they do enjoy spending time together. I’m sure the Lord will Vine their next wine bar experience.

4. Spending more time with Diddy: Kris has been seen with many of her male friends since her split with Bruce. One of her favorite friends is Diddy. Both wield a lot of influence in the entertainment industry, so it only makes sense they bounce ideas off each other. Maybe Diddy and Kris will collaborate on a Ciroc commercial? Only time will tell… Unknown

5. Make her own wine: Kris loves wine and claims she can’t live without it. It’s time to take a step back from her daughter’s products and brand something for herself. Her show was a flop, so hopefully the wine will taste better.

Excited for tonight’s season finale!

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