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Khloe Kardashian Had the Most Confusing Valentine’s Day

The Kardashians never fail to keep us guessing! Kylie celebrated with a helicopter ride, Kourtney had heart-shaped waffles with the kids and Kim and Kanye took a selfie. Even reclusive Rob shared weird pics on Instagram. Things started off sweet for Khloe, but then it got weird.

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Happy Valentine's Day 💋

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Seriously fancy roses, but who are they from? Lamar, Kris Jenner, French Montana? It remains a mystery!

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We have to learn to accept the love we AREN'T given. Believe them when they show you their true colors. Stop trying to repaint that person into a shade they are not. To realize, that although we put someone on a pedestal, that does not mean that their judgment defines who we are. We must learn to love ourselves first unconditionally. So we have the strength to not let others love us on their conditions. In conditional love: love is 'earned' on the basis of conscious or unconscious conditions. Conditional love is purely based off of how one can benefit. You, in a sense are paying for another's love. Constantly auditioning for a spot in their lives. Whereas in unconditional love, love is given freely no matter what. With acceptance and purity. Loving is primary. Conditional love requires some kind of finite exchange, whereas unconditional love is seen as infinite and measureless. I think that, at any given point, we are faced with the choice of whether to move on with what the universe gives and takes or to hold on and bury ourselves in our own misery. The choice is yours. Choose your happy over anything else. Love is different for us all. Be strong enough to Accept only unconditional love.

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Then she goes on a rant about unconditional love. Lamar was the one who really loved her, and then she recently broke up with James Harden, so this seems timely. Valentine’s Day for Khloe is probably really confusing, giving that she’s still caring for Lamar and could possibly be back on again with French Montana.


Khloe Kardashian Slams Lamar Haters on Twitter

Khloe and Lamar have a complicated relationship. She called off their divorce, but has been making all of his medical decisions since he nearly died in October. When the former duo was spotted at Madison Square Garden Thursday night in support of Kanye West, people WENT. OFF. But Khloe wasn’t having it.

She clapped back to haters on Twitter, who automatically assumed that she and Lamar were an item again, but that’s the furthest thing from the truth. She reportedly has no attraction towards him, and is just trying to help him recover.

But the pair (and Kim) hiked together before the Super Bowl, fueling speculation that they were spending a lot of time together.

Khloe affirms that they are NOT together, they were simply watching Yeezy’s show.

See the Kardashian’s Outfits from Kanye West’s Fashion Show!

Thursday night was an epic night for the Kardashian-Jenner clan. Not only was it the start of NYFW, Kanye West premiered The Life of Pablo and showed off Yeezy Season 3. The whole am was there, including Lamar Odom. Let’s go through the highlights of the evening:

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Step into this bitch like….

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North West has a lollipop because of course.

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Ultra Light Beams

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LAMAR. Nothing else to say here.

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Yeezy Vibes @makeupbymario @tokyostylez

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Still not sure if this is a wig, or if she went for the total dye job.

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High lights.

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Kourtney slayed in custom Balmain that was made in just 5 days for the whole family.

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Yeezy Season 3

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Sisters stick together!

Khloe Kardashian Posts a Lengthy Instagram Quote Hinting at Her Troubled 2015

Khloe Kardashian didn’t have the easiest 2015, but is making a comeback just two months into the new year. Lamar’s lengthy hospital stay rattled our favorite sister as she struggled to maintain a relationship with Houston Rockets star James Harden. She must have been feeling some type of way today, as evidenced by her cryptic message on Instagram.

Let’s dissect some of these lines to figure out what our girl is trying to tell us:

“We must lose in order to gain” — realizing her relationship with Lamar is over, and the struggle to move on.

“Lessons are best taught through our darkest hour” — you learn a lot about yourself when you’re maintaining a constant vigil by your lover’s side

“All of my pain or sadness has only built my strength, soul, character and wisdom” — The end of 2015 pushed her to become the strong, fit badass we see today. Khloe finally had the courage to do a nude magazine cover, launch her own show and continue the success of the Kardashian empire. Without the immense struggle she faced, she wouldn’t be where she is today.

Deep Thoughts from Kourtney Kardashian on Instagram

Leave it to the Kardashians for meaningful words on social media. From births, deaths, relationships, to even subtle nods at family members, the Kardashians are pros at hidden gems. Let’s take a minute to break down Kourt’s latest post:

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First, that is some stellar handwriting. Elementary doodles here, so obviously she took her time to create this word art.

Then she goes into Kourtney + Khloe = LOVE. Of course! Everyone knows this pair can make or break an episode off #KUWTK. Their antics are everything, especially when they gang up on Kim. Kourtney and KoKo have a special bond, no doubt fueled by the troubled men in their lives — Scott Disick and Lamar Odom.

As for the quote, “but without the dark, we’d never see the stars,” she could be referencing her tumultuous summer followed by her revenge body quest. Those results are definitely paying off – have you SEEN her outfits lately?! Same goes for Khloe. Both women have taken their struggles and turned them into something positive.

It’s almost as is they needed the darkness to propel them to greater things. With Khloe, that’s her book and new talk show. And for Kourt, launching her app and being the hottest mom she can be.

We’re proud that they’re making such great progress, and can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes them!


Khloe Kardashian Posts Cryptic Quote On Instagram — Is It About Lamar Odom?

Way to keep us guessing, Khloe! The blonde beauty took to Instagram to present us with a puzzling quote that leaves us wondering — is she trying to fix Lamar Odom? This isn’t the first time she posted deep quotes on the social media platform, but we can’t help but wonder if she’s referencing her former flame.

It appears that the quote means when you’re trying to help a broken person (Lamar Odom during his hospital stay after that near-fatal overdose), you’re actually hurting yourself (Khloe dealing with all of the stress as a result of the situation).

It’s no secret that Khloe’s been struggling, probably even more so that Lamar is out of the hospital and is now in a private rehab facility. Word has it that not even his family knew about his relocation, definitely ruffling a few feathers.

Whatever she’s dealing with, we know Khloe is working it all out in the gym. Stay strong, Khlo-money!

Khloe Kardashian Flexes Her Booty on the Stairmaster

What a gym rat!

Khloe Kardashian is more committed to fitness than ever, regularly going to the gym since keeping a constant vigil at Lamar’s bedside for almost two months. She’s definitely the hottest she’s ever been — can we look at that booty?!

No stairmaster will do — just a ladder. Trainer Gunnar Peterson is working her hard, and the results are clearly paying off! Maybe she’ll drag Kim Kardashian in for a workout?