Kendall Jenner Turns 18: What We Can Expect


Bruce and Kris Jenner’s first child together is now 18. Good grief! It seems like just yesterday we were watching her run around the house with no eyeliner and unstraightened hair. Oh, the good ol’ days.

In honor of her 18th birthday, here are 5 things we can expect now that the leggy brunette is an adult:

1. More Great Dane Instagrams: Brother Rob Kardashian gave her a Great Dane puppy as an early birthday gift. So generous, Rob! The puppy’s name is Blu, btw.

2. More adventures with Brandon and Brody: It’s no secret that Kendall isn’t a typical glam Kardashian and wants to branch out from her career-obsessed sisters. Kendall loves being outdoorsy with her half-brothers, Brandon and Brody. Remember the ATV excursion in Greece? I’m sure we’ll read about Kendall and Brody cliff-jumping somewhere. You go, girl!

3. Modeling, like a boss: Kendall Jenner has legs for days. Let’s face it-the girl’s got goods, and she’s gonna show them off. She recently posed for Agua Bendita’s 2014 bikini collection and went TOPLESS. I wish I was that bold at 18.

4. Clubbing with her sisters: Kendall came under fire after reports surfaced of Kendall and Kylie clubbing at Vignette. Big sister Khloe and Lord Disick were also in attendance. The Jenner sisters had fake ids and thought they were attending an after party following LA Fashion Week shows. I know they’ll be pulling out their fakes again because YOLO.

5. Having her own place: It’s clear that Kendall feels suffocated in the Kardashian mansion, probably even more so since Kimye and North West moved in four months ago. Kris flipped when Kendall mentioned moving out, so hopefully she’s more open to the idea. If all else fails, she can shack up in Bruce’s Malibu beach house. Oceanfront views are okay I guess.

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