Pauly D Files for Full Custody of His Daughter


Last week hearts melted when Pauly D described his first visit with his now 6-month old daughter, Amabella.

“I was nervous until I saw her face. When I saw her eyes light up and her arms reach out for me, it was an amazing feeling”, he told Radar Online.

The new dad may be over the moon for his little guidette, but he’s in a bitter custody battle with baby mama Amanda Markert, a 26-year old ex-Hooters waitress. She’s currently studying for a forensics degree in New Jersey.

Pauly is filing for full custody because he believes Markert is using the baby for fame. Markert also has a five-year old son (fathered by another man), whose father is a wanted man in Florida. Pauly doesn’t want his daughter around that, and who can blame him?

Pauly wants to see Amabella as much as he can, but it’s a process his lawyer is handling. Hopefully MTV can get some footage of Amabella playing with her dad’s turntables!

Image via NY Daily News


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