Kim Kardashian Proves That Juicy Couture Is Still Alive in This Throwback Photo

Long live Juicy Couture! Anything goes if you’re Kim Kardashian, especially if it’s fashion. She graced us with yet another throwback photo, a gem from the 2007 era. Let’s take a minute to appreciate the pink sweatsuit, classic Adidas sneakers and that pose over the Range Rover.

Of course those letters are in pink! It was very in style back in the early ’00s. But what would Kanye say about this? Times have definitely changed, but we bet this look wouldn’t be acceptable even behind closed doors!

And we’re obsessing over her teased hair (those curls!) Her butt is nothing like what it is today, and her eyes have that suspicious upward slant. Of course we’re still skeptical that she had plastic surgery, but it’s increasingly obvious during every throwback.

Regardless, Kim looks amazing as usual. Work it, girl!


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