Kim Kardashian is “Back to Reality” In Her Latest Instagram

She’s done with the braids! Everyone’s favorite social media maven took to Instagram to show off her updated hairstyle — no more braids! Apparently her hair is all grown out and she’s resorted to her favorite look aka the middle part with trademark silky waves.

We spy some frizz on those ends, so her glam squad was most likely MIA before this picture was posted. Oh, the agony! God forbid frizz needs to be shown in an orchestrated Instagram post.

The only thing that would make this selfie better would be a glimpse of Saint West, but we’ll continue to be patient. We don’t know when the big reveal will be, but we’re hoping it’s as soon as possible. If Kim had her way, it would be on Instagram, but she was pretty private with North’s pictures — we didn’t get a glimpse of her until she was a few months old.

Will Kris persuade Kanye to put the little man on #KUWTK? One can only hope!


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