My Thoughts on Pauly D Becoming a Dad

Unknown-1I know, I know. I’m just as shocked as you are. I nearly spilled my coffee on Tuesday when I saw the E! News notification on my phone. America’s favorite fist-pumping guido is now a father to a precious baby girl, Amabella.

It’s not sunshine and roses, however. After an outpouring of congratulations from his Jersey Shore castmates, Pauly is now involved in a bitter custody battle with his baby mama Amanda Markert. She claims Pauly knew about the pregnancy all along and didn’t do anything about it until the news went public. Pauly says Amanda is “100 percent” using the baby for her own 15 minutes of fame, according to Us Weekly. Crazy!

Although some are slamming Pauly for his love child, I couldn’t be happier for him. I think Pauly was aware of the pregnancy, but kept quiet due to the media storm that would eventually ensue. A new baby is a blessing and deserves celebration. Hopefully the custody battle doesn’t get too intense because no innocent child should be torn from either parent. Maybe Pauly and Amanda can play nice and establish visitations?

On the bright side, Amabella is the spitting image of Pauly. Look at that hair! I’m sure she’ll we’ll see pictures of her dressed up in Puma sweatsuits and tiny leopard Uggs from Aunt Snooki.

Those first words will definitely be “YEAH BUDDY!!!”

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