Kim Kardashian’s Booty Is Rocking Everywhere


Kim Kardashian once again made headlines this week with a photo of her famous backside. Thanks to the Atkins diet, Kim definitely got her groove back. Talk about body after baby!

Kim posted an Instagram of her bod clad in a white swimsuit with a hint of sideboob. Some things never change. The 32-year-old mom of North West gave a sideways head tilt in her sexy selfie.

Kanye West couldn’t contain his excitement and tweeted “HEADING HOME NOW” soon after the picture hit the interwebs.

I’m not surprised Kim took to social media to flaunt her rear instead of selling the image to tabloids. Kim realizes that she needs to capitalize on her famous assets now before she gets old aka turns 40. Hopefully she’s not baring all at that age. Some may call her racy Instagram a call to attention, but that’s just Kim doing what she does best. She has a big personality, and may be trying to deflect some of the negative attention from her parents’ failed marriage. Hang in there, Bruce!

Looking forward to tonight’s episode!

Image via Us Weekly


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